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Welcome to evil_queen369's writing community.

I'm an author who writes fan fictions, and although they're just written for fun, I take my writing very seriously. Writing has always been something I enjoyed, so instead of keeping it to myself, I decided to share my work with all of you. :)

Make sure you comment after you read! ♥

This community is nothing but yaoi, as in boy on boy. If you're uncomfortable with that, hit the back button. Please keep in mind that everything here is completely fiction, and I in no way am saying Jrockers are actually gay. If you can't read the stories and have fun with it, don't even bother coming in.

I am available for beta reading. If you would like me to beta read, e-mail me at ashirpon@gmail.com. Make sure the subject is 'beta' and give me details of your story. Just a note, though, I don't read anything involving Hyde.

At the moment, I'm not available for beta reading. =/

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